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The Big Screen Awards

23 November 2023, The Brewery


Big Screen Awards Curtain
Nikki Parrott

Nikki Parrott

Tiger Lily Productions

Tigerlily productions is a multi-award winning independent production company with a reputation for tackling powerful subject matter with sensitivity and artistry.  Their output covers scripted and non- scripted documentaries, arts and music, history and current affairs across a range of media. In 2018, Tigerlily Two in Scotland was formed with the purpose of exploring new talent and stories outside London, and to be a prominent co producer for international projects and teams. It is run out of Glasgow and headed by Nikki.

In their first three years, they have co-produced two feature documentaries POLY STYRENE I AM A CLICHÉ, which won two Bifas including best documentary, IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? which premiered at Sundance , and produced HONG KONG MIX TAPE, which premiered at Glasgow Film Festival and Internationally at Hot Docs Toronto

Other documentaries in production include ENO to be directed by Gary Hustwit and SUPERNATURE by Ed Sayers. They are also producing two feature documentaries, LOOKING FOR PAULINE BLACK: directed by Jane Mingay, and BORDERS directed by Jessi Gutch, which will be a co -production with France.

They are also prepping a Turkish /Welsh dramatic feature to be directed by the award winning Umit Unal and shot entirely in Glasgow.